Spay & Neuter

Each week AZK9 hosts a free spay and neuter clinic in low-income communities throughout Phoenix. We partner with Dr. Kelly's Mobile Surgical Unit to alter around 40 companion animals each week!


Thanks to our continued efforts we have been able to offer free spay and neuters to over 10,000 pets since 2010. We focus our efforts in targeted zip codes where the highest numbers of stray animals are picked up in Maricopa County. We are happy to report that fewer and fewer animals are brought in to county shelters every year, but we are still facing an epidemic as Arizona has the 2nd highest stray animal population in the country.


As an incentive for families to bring their pets in to be fixed we offer free rabies vaccinations, and low cost distemper/parvo vaccines.


Do you want to help make a difference in our cause? A small contribution goes a long way at our clinics!

  • A $30 donation will fully vaccinate an animal

  • A $10 can cover the cost of a cone for a family who can't afford one for post care after the sterilization.

  • We also distribute food and pet supplies at our clinics, and all donations are appreciated.


Spay and neuter is the key to reducing the unwanted pet population crisis Arizona faces. Make a difference for the future of Arizona's companion animals. Make a donation today: