Along with giving a second chance to those who need it most, we are dedicated to fighting pet overpopulation by holding weekly sterilization clinics targeted at helping areas   of Phoenix with the highest stray animal intake. In the last 9 years we have coordinated spay and neuter services for over 15,000 companion animals and provided       education, donations, and vaccinations to those most in need. We believe that steps      

toward fixing the overpopulation of companion animals starts in the community and     educating those who don’t understand the large impact of irresponsible and accidental         litters of animals. Each week AZK9 partners with Dr. Kelly's Mobile Surgical Unit to hosts a   clinic in low-income communities throughout Phoenix. 

FOREVER FOSTER PROGRAM                                                                                   

Our Forever Foster Program started from the realization that we never wanted cost or finances to deter the right adopter from finding their perfect match with one of our paws. We understand that not everyone is in a position to add regular and costly vet bills to their life, so when deemed appropriate, we adopt out certain paws under this program with the promise to cover the medical bills for that pet for the remainder of their lifetime. It's our way of trying to alleviate the very real financial aspect of adopting certain special needs dogs.


This year we wanted to bring our newest project out to the public with our 2020 calendar.         Each dog featured in the calendar is a former paw with Lost Paws/AZK9 rescue and is a    

model representative of the breed. It is our hope that through a variety projects such as       these to dispel the mistruths of these loving companions’. Stay tuned as we continue    

to unfold our newest project.