Step 1: Below you will find a list of our adoptable pets. All of our adoptable animals live in a foster environment which allows us to truly know their personalities and what kind of home and family will best suit them and their individual needs. Please browse their bios to see if your match is here waiting for you! 


Step 2: If you see a pet you are interested in, please download and fill out our application and email to  This information give us an opportunity to learn about your home, family, and lifestyle to ensure we find you a forever match. 

School Application

Step 3: Because our  pets are housed in a foster home environment,  meet and greets must be scheduled. We will respond to your application submission within 48 hours to schedule a time to meet the pet or pets that could be a good fit for your family.

Step 4: If your application and visitation shows promise of a great match for you and your family, we then schedule a meet and greet with any current pets and/or a follow up visit in your home. 

Step 5: We feel it's important to make sure this is a forever fit for both you and the pet, because of this we do a 1 month trial period. This allows all of us to truly determine if you feel this pet should be a permanent part of your family. You will get to see how the pet fits into your lifestyle, family, and day to day routine. At the end of the trial, we will finalize the adoption and celebrate! 

Does this sound like a long process? We promise we follow these steps in order to best serve you, the potential adopter, and the pets in our care.

We want to make sure you are happy, and they are happy!

Nothing is more difficult than getting a pet home and realizing it's not the right fit, we use this process to prevent that hardship and heartbreak for all involved. 


Asia was without doubt a family pet prior. She is well behaved and knows basic commands, most of all she knows what it is to be loved and accepts the love with open paws. She is amazing. Asia is house and kennel trained, walk well on a leash, and is so playful.


She loves playing with toys and her people but would prefer to be an only pet! She also loves to swim in the kiddie pools (needs a life vest for big pools) and her favorite game is fetch. She will keep the same ball for months without chewing it up and loves to take it with her everywhere! Asia is a lover, and longs for her fur-ever family, could it be you?!

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Meet Celeste! We received a phone call from another shelter asking for our help with this girl. She started having seizures while at the shelter and because of that she was considered un-adoptable. The only option for her was that a rescue would take her - which is where we stepped in.


Now Celeste is in a loving foster home and temporarily on medication to control the seizures. So far, we have not had any episodes and hope that she won't have them anymore. We believe they may have been caused by a medication she was given when she was at the previous shelter, but there's no telling for sure.


Celeste is very sweet, soft and smart. She also loves to play with her k9 friends! She is house broken, kennel trained and knows her basic commands! 


Charlotte is such a cutie-patootie! While at the county shelter, we were approached by a staff member who begged for our help. When Charlotte was originally scheduled to be euthanized, they brought her back, looked into her eyes and just couldn't bring themselves to do it. Charlotte was re-evaluated and passed, but soon, became e-listed again for "fear". After meeting this special girl, we just couldn't say no.


She is such a love bug and SO smart!! Charlotte knows sit, stay, down and is perfecting "roll over". She is a very happy girl who loves attention and loves to go on walks with her people. Charlotte will do best in a home where she is the only pet.

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China has a sad story: she once had a home and family loved her, but hard times fell upon them and they had to move. China could not come with. The family did the right thing, and instead of taking her to the crowded shelter, they re-homed her to somebody they thought would care for her. Sadly, they were wrong.


After animal control found her roaming multiple times, finally the family decided they did not want to fix their fence to keep China from roaming. County then picked up China and gave the family a chance to come and pick her up, they decided not to come for her. After evaluation, China was placed on the euthanasia list at the pound because of a medical condition  called Entropion. Which means that her eye lids flip inward and rub the eye raw.


After all she has been through, we could not let her story end like that. She has had the surgery to correct this condition and she is doing great and can now see again perfectly! China is a beautiful dog! She is very playful and loves playing with all of her friends! She loves to go on walks, play with toys, swim and get all kinda of loving! China would make a great addition to any family. She is house and kennel trained, walks well on a leash and knows basic commands. If you would like to meet China and give her the home she so desperately deserves please contact AZK9 Rescue at We know you won't regret it!


We first met Darby when she was a small puppy around 2-3 mos. old in Feb of 2013. Her family brought her to our spay/neuter clinic and she stood out in a crowd and left an impression on us. So much so, that one of our members took her picture and decided to microchip her because it was clear the family was considering giving her away and we didn't want something bad to happen to her.


Fast forward a year later and we get a call that county had picked her up as a stray. The family had been contacted and claimed they had given her away to someone but didn't remember who and were not at all interested in saving her out of county. Well, we remembered this little girl and saw how terrified she was and picked her up and brought her to one of our foster houses where she is getting the love she deserves. S


She is a very sweet, fun girl! Absolutely obsessed with balls! She likes other dogs, but prefers the company of her humans. Her ideal family would take her for walks or hikes, spoil her with games of fetch and have someone to cuddle on the couch with at the end of the day. 

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Meet Dominic! He is a very handsome adult pit bull mix. He loves to play with toys and with his foster sister (Harlow). Dominic is house and kennel trained, knows some commands and walks decent on a leash. Dominic is a bit of a shy guy caused by his abusive past but is currently going through a training program to get him socialized and more comfortable with his surroundings! He is a sweet boy at heart and will with time will love you with all of it. An updated bio will come after his training program!


Gator is an Adult American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix. When we first rescued Gator he was very underweight but is back to full health. He's a smart guy, and very sweet. A true charmer!


Gator loves to play and is a high energy bundle of fun! :) He is house-trained, kennel trained, and is perfecting his basic commands. He loves to go on walks, lay in the kiddie pool, run around the yard, play fetch, and play with other dogs. Due to his more rowdy play style, we think he would do best with a dog that is tolerant of this and can keep up! Gator is learning new things every day and is SO eager to please. If you are interested in Gator, please email us at We know Gator is a very special boy and his perfect forever family is out there waiting for him! 

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This smart boy is Houston! When we found him sitting in the county shelter, we immediately knew we wanted him. He had graffiti on his head symbolizing "West Side", and we were all shocked that someone was capable of tagging a dog.


Houston is in a loving foster home now, receiving much needed love and nutrition. He has put on a lot of weight since his intake, and is very food motivated. Houston is also one of the smartest and quickest learner's that AZK9 Rescue currently has. He already knows "sit" and "stay", and we are working on other commands with him. Houston is extremely loving and playful. We are so happy to be able to give this special boy a resting place until he finds his furever home.

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Meet Ivy! This smushy faced love muffin was very lucky to find her way to AZK9 Rescu. You see, Ivy had an eye condition where her eye-lashes were flipped over and scratching her eyes every time she blinked. This could make a dog blind. AZK9 got Ivy her surgery and now she can see just fine and she is happy as ever.


Ivy is a very sweet girl, loves to have her back scratched and she loves to be talked to. Ivy prefers to be an only dog in the household. She loves people, is a great player, and listens well. Ivy is also house and kennel trained, and she walks well on a leash. Ivy loves to lay with you on the couch (although she never seems to be able to get comfortable and likes to pick a new spot every few minutes!) She just needs practice being part of a family. Ivy will make a great companion dog, and promises to give you control over the remote!

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Stevie joined AZK9 after she was put on the euthanasia list at county due to a limp from soft tissue damage, and for her mange. AZK9 couldn’t resist her cute face, so they scooped her up and started treatment right away. Unfortunately, Stevie was a rare case and the standard mange treatment not only didn’t work for her, but actually caused damage to her brain, affecting her behaviorally and physically.


Despite this challenge, they found a treatment that worked and her mange was ultimately cured. Stevie is healthy now, but needs a special diet and vitamins to help with her allergies and to help maintain a healthy coat. Her favorite hobbies include tug-o-war, playing fetch, watching birds at the park, and coffee dates with her human buddies.


Stevie is always showing off her goofy personality, and always ends up as the life of the party when she’s out in public. She loves people of all ages (supervised belly rubs from kids are her favorite). However, she would do best in a home with no children or older children that understand her behavioral quirks and can avoid behaviors that might spook her. Stevie would prefer not to share her humans with other four-legged family members, so a pet-free home would fit her best. Stevie is crate trained and ready to find her new family.

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Meet Burton, a goofy hound mix! Burton needs slow introductions when meeting new people, but once he gets to know you he is your best friend and a ball of love! We are continually working with him and helping him gain confidence around other dogs but Burton would do best in a home without any other pets and no small children. He needs an adopter with the patience and commitment to help him along and become the companion we all know he can be!

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Piper is a sweet spayed female who is around 6 years old. She was found abandoned in a trailer when she was originally rescued by Lost Paws/AZK9, that was the beginning of Piper’s journey with us. Since then Piper has been in and out of the rescue several times, her adopters have let her down. Her AZK9 family loves her and will never give up on her. Piper likes to walk and go on hikes, rides well in the car, and loves people. She would do best as the only pet but could possible live with a submissive male dog that is just looking to co-exist with a friend. She could also possibly live with a dog savvy cat. She would do best with older children. She bonds quickly to people and would love nothing more than to find her forever home soon! Piper is crate-trained, house-trained, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations. She is an affectionate girl who would love a  chance at a real family! For more information or to meet Piper, email us at

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Zuko is a fun and playful mid-aged pup and around 40 lbs. He loves running and playing with his doggie friends and can't resist taking a dip in the kiddie pools! He is a very smart boy who is potty trained, and picked up using the doggie door in just minutes! He is working on proper leash manners as well as basic commands. He is a quick learner and will do just about anything for a cookie which makes training with him a lot of fun! Zuko would do best in a calm home with adults only. Please contact AZK9 at for more information on this sweet boy.

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